tool development


This tool was created using only python scripting and maya python windows command. It allows the previs department to have a referencing and importing tool that manages the pipeline name convention, name space convention and suffix number padding. This tool is used by the previs artist everyday to bring into their files the assets that are continuously changing for development purposes. This  assets changes are done by me (the previs asset developer). The sets, props and characters are developed using constant feedback from the previs artist,  the art department, the director, and the CG supervisor until the sequence is approved.











This tool was created using PyQt and then adjusted for PySide. The UI design was created using Qt Designer software. It’s able to create multiple controls connected each to it’s own driven object in one go. It’s also able to lock, orient, scale and change the look of the control at the same time for all the controls been made. This tool allowed me to rig full assets and also be able to change the rig constantly very fast. That way, I can try redesigning and revise the asset rig functionality very fast. Thus, Previs is able to try different options for a sequence with legal assets.













In the following image, a set of cubes it’s been created using the locators as the position of the control. Selecting in order all the locators and then all the cubes; and after setting up the parameters in the UI, the tool will create a control for each one, with correct naming, padding, look of the control, and whether is locked or not.




This tool was created using PySide and python only (designer was not used). This tool is able to create a curve or a “wire deformer rope rig” based on the center axis of an object.











In the following image a curve was created along the center axis of a cylinder modified in an organic shape. The tool will require the user to input a series of spans along the topology of an asset. This spans get added to the tool by clicking on the “add ring” button and then the edges show up on the right window. Clicking on the “create curve” button will create a curve based on the position of the selected spans. This way, the shape of the curve would be exact or approximate to the object depending on which spans where added to the tool.


In the next image a full “wire deformer rig” gets created after clicking the “create wire” button. This “wire rig’ stays at the center of the maya file without having to follow the full rig and asset in working space. And the control rig is the one following the asset. The controls and the wire rig get connected using a direct connection. This is the same setup used on a regular “layer base face rig”, where the tweakers for the eye brows, eye lids, mouth and squash are independent setups at the center of the file.