agustin  "tinto"  loreto


S  T  O  R  Y  B  O  A  R D

Storytelling is probably the the field I love the most. I can recreate my own worlds, characters and ideas. And to do so I have to explore and combine all fields of the arts. 

These frames show a mixture of some of those stories.

If you want to explore further you can select any title screen left. 


D   E   S   I   G   N


M  U  S  I  C

R  I  G  G  I  N  G      |     C  G     |     D  E  M  O R  E  E  L


A  B  O  U  T

After graduating and working as an architect for over 6 years, I decided to embrace my passion for animation and switch careers


That new carrere turned into more than 12 years of experience in multiple fields inside the animation industry.


During that time I have had experience in the following positions:

  • Front end CG supervisor (currently holding this position)

  • CG supervisor

  • Rigging

  • Layout

  • Previsualization

  • Modeling

  • Surfacing 

  • Lighting lead

  • Motion and Geometry tracking

Each experience has gained me valuable skills and expertise in:

  • Autodesk maya

  • Python programming

  • Vetala Rig for maya (auto rig system)

  • Sequence based workflow in Autodesk Maya's sequencer

  • Pipeline workflow and efficiency 

  • Software and tooling application management for animation

  • Blender 3D software

  • Substance Painter

  • Concept design

Here are some of projects I have work on:

Maya and the Three (Netflix series), Kingdom Force (TV series), Top Wing (TV series), The Nut job 1 and 2 (Feature Film), Spark (Feature Film), Babar (TV series), Paw Patrol (TV series), Gnomeo and Juliet (Feature Film), Camelot (TV series), Splice (Feature Film), Chop Socky Chooks (TV series), Dex Hamilton (Feature Film)

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